Book an EV Test Drive

Are you ready for the EV Experience? Book a free, no-sales Electric Vehicle (EV) Test Drive in your community – our helpful staff and volunteers will guide you through everything you need to know to get started on your EV journey!

EV Test Drive FAQs

Are the EV Test Drives free?

Yes, all our EV Test Drives are free! We want to make electric vehicle test drives available to as many people in Ottawa as possible, and available in a sales-free environment. We are able to offer free test drives thanks to volunteer support from the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

How long are the EV Test Drives?

All EV Test Drives will be for a minimum of 20 minutes. Volunteers are available to chat more before and after should you have any other questions.

Why are you offering the EV Test Drives?

We want Ottawa residents to experience what an electric vehicle is like to drive and operate. You’ll find in some ways it’s very similar to a more traditional car, and in other ways, it’s very different. We know that once someone has had the experience of driving an electric vehicle, they are far more likely to purchase one. In combination with transportation options such as walking, cycling and transit, electric vehicle use can have a huge impact as we try to lower our greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. 

Can I bring someone with me? 

Yes, absolutely. Please feel free to bring up to two passengers with you.

What do I need to bring with me? 

Please bring your valid driver’s licence. If you need glasses to drive, please don’t forget those either!

What happens if we get in an accident? 

Just like any time we drive, there is a risk of an accident occurring.  Safety is our primary priority and emergency services will be called if needed. Test drives are insured by private volunteer car insurance. All test drives are done on a pre-planned route to avoid conflict areas and minimize the risk of any safety hazards. 

Can I choose which type of EV to test drive? 

A range of different electric vehicles will be available to experience thanks to our partners. Dependent on availability, you will have a choice of vehicle when booking your test drive.

I’m not comfortable driving, can I just come for an EV test ride? 

Yes, if you would like to sit back and enjoy the ride while someone else does the driving, you can! You will be able to either request this when booking your test drive or just ask your test drive facilitator if they can drive while you ride.

Why do you need my driver’s licence number?

We will run your driver’s licence number through a provincial tool that will check the status of your licence and whether you are currently allowed to drive a motor vehicle.

Can I choose where I drive on my EV Test Drive?

No, your test drive will take place on a pre-determined route.

Not quite ready to book an EV Test Drive?

Come and find us at one of our upcoming events – our outreach volunteers will be happy to answer any questions.